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How much does it cost?
Payment begins when you received your room key (after you check in), or 30 minutes after you booking. (Prior to complimentary travel time ends), whichever that comes first.
Rate: Guests are charged by the minutes. We also display the time in minutes rate to give an estimation cost for a longer stays. Pricing varies based on the city you are booking in and the hotels star rating (Premium or Luxury).
Lodging Tax: Lodging tax is a government-mandated tax that varies based on the location of the hotel. Lodging tax can be vary within the same city.
Service Fee: The Service Fee is a fixed upfront fee. Not all properties have a Service Fee. To know whether or not a hotel has a Service Fee, refer to the black badge above the rate on the place card on the main map screen or under the pricing details on the hotel place page. Refer to the app for more pricing details.
With YOURDUX, guests can book a room whenever they want, day or night (subject to availability on the app). Unlike a traditional way of booking, there is no set check-in or check out time.
Can I book a hotel in advance?
Yes you can book hotel in advance but the cancellation policy is strict on this you need to cancel it before 48 hrs at least if you are booking on the same day the guests has to arrive within 30 minutes after booking their room on the app.
How are the rooms cleaned?
YOURDUX rooms are cleaned to the exact same standards of a traditional full-day booking.
How does the guest pay for their stay?
YOURDUX is currently available in Malaysia and India , it will be launched soon in all over globe.
Where is YOURDUX currently available?
Guest has to pay the amount to the Hotlier
What is YOURDUX?
We are the first online international booking platform that offers hotel rooms accommodation/ Resorts / Apartment / Homestays / meeting rooms by hourly rental. Our slogan is “every penny counts” and we deserve to benefits them wholly.
Wait! Guests can check in and check out whenever they want?
How does this help my business?
We believe in optimizing vacancy. Rooms often sit vacant for over twelve hours a day prior to an overnight guest checking in.YOURDUX gives our client access to those rooms, in between overnight stays, increasing income.
Why do our customers use YOURDUX?
Customers use YOURDUX for a quiet, luxurious, budgeted and private place where they can take rest, order room service, make a private call, conduct a meeting arrange private parties, Marriage functions or between meetings or before attending evening functions.
How do I manage my inventory? Do I have control?
Everything is done within the YOURDUX Extranet. Each hotel controls their inventory and can adjust their inventory availability from the Extranet in real-time.
How does YOURDUX for customer?
Its very similar to booking an Uber. In just 3 taps, they can book and confirm their rooms on the app. After booking, YOURDUX guests are notified that they have 30 minutes of complimentary travel time to reach their respective hotel. Payment will only begins when they check in and pick up their key at the front desk, or 30 minutes after they tap Book Now.
My hotel runs a very high occupancy. Can I still use YOURDUX ?
A hotel can be at 100% occupancy and still have a 35% room vacancy prior to overnight guests checking in. Many of our hotels which regularly run at 95% occupancy and over are making an additional six-figure profit using YOURDUX.
How do I adjust room availability on the YOURDUX app?
Hotel managers have desktop and mobile access to the YOURDUX Hotel Dashboard where they can manage inventory allotment , racks rate and rooms availability in advance.

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