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Whats is Yourdux

We are the first online international booking platform that offers Hotel rooms accommodation/ Resorts / Apartment / Home stays / Meeting rooms by hourly rental. Our slogan is “every penny counts” and we deserve to benefits them wholly.

Find a nearby hotel
Open the Yourdux app and choose a nearby hotel just a minutes away.
Tap Book Now and a room will be instantly ready for you to check in.
Heading to the hotel
If you are booking through yourdux. You will receive 30 minutes of complimentary travel time that will start immediately after you book a room. When you arrive at the hotel, go to the front desk and let them know you are checking in with YOURDUX. Payment begins when you are received your room key, or 30 minutes after your booking, whichever comes first.
Benefits of using YOURDUX
  • You can perform hotels/ resorts / apartment / & halls booking by hourly rate.
  • To experience Faster, user friendly and easier app with a few clicks and enjoy your stay at hotel.
  • For those who needs a room for a short vacay prior to your road cruise, short nap, or transit travelers who struck with a long layover.
  • Those who need to get refreshed & rejuvenate before attending interviews, board meetings, catch a flight, and etc.
  • Small group require a ballrooms to brainstorm some ideas for business strategies planning.
  • Companies who interested in corporate meeting by hourly bookings.
  • Hosting functions, parties, friends and family reunion, birthday celebration, Marriage and receptions.
  • Those who are on a long drive can take a short hours nap to be able to reach the destination with an accident free journey.


What We Do

Book with liberty
Pay for your stay according to the exact hours you request and avoid paying more for the hours that not been used. With yourdux, every penny’s count.
Its easier than what it looks like
Time is free but its priceless. so we let you book your hotels in a gust of wind. With just a few clicks your room will be ready for you.
Best prices guaranteed
Find The Best Price For Your Hotel. Compare hotel prices for the best deals at cheaper prices. Save time and money on your hotel search with reviews and photos.
Home away from home
We ensure the staff, location, amenities & services of hotel are warm & welcome, so that you'll love to come back again. The hospitality level, personalized attention, cleanliness and warmth of the staff will be beyond comparison. Properties featured in yourdux has a high standard are well maintained with a remarkable cleanliness.